We support you in developing AI to optimize visual inspections 

Process analyses: By understanding the customers processes and procedures, we are able to provide the algorithms and digital platforms perfecting their processes.

Data evaluation: Evaluate customers existing data and match with potential other data collection methods.

Enrich data: Optimize the collection and annotation of data.

AI development: Includes matching algorithms, digital platform and training the AI.

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solar parks

Solar parks are great for generating renewable energy. During the course of its life optimal performance is reached by taking good care of your solar panels. Wear and tear, breakdown of cells, panel coverage or any malfunctions hinder its performance. Good maintenance and regulair inspections is the way to go.

Inspections are usually done at asset completion, asset transfer, during maintenance cycles and due to natural distasters. Birds.ai usually works with drones to both capture thermal and regulair imaging. Our software algorithms are able to recognize over 30 of these malfunctions. Each malfunction is categorized in severity level, so you have a good idea how much losses you suffer.

Our customers range from O&M, EPC, utility and inspection companies, but also drone companies, asset managers, insurance companies and financial firms.

Wind turbines

Inspection reduces wind turbine downtime to one hour, saving hundreds of € per wind turbine inspection our documentation of the inspection of the blades, including the damages, is safely stored online with 24/7 access our reports are checked by domain experts that have experience in inspecting and operating wind turbines for years.

Our customers range from utility companies and wind turbine park owners.

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Asset degradation is a huge problem costing companies across all industries billions of euros every day. This is especially true for companies that apply coatings to ships, cars, trains and general coils.

Our customers range but are not limited to coating companies, car collision centers and buildings.

Please contact us if you would like us to asses your visual inspection process and how we can optimize it using our technologies.