was established in March 2016 by young and passionate entrepreneurs to create Artificial Inspectors for visual inspections. Within, we combine our passion for aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence and computer science to help our customers inspect their assets. The team is young, energetic and always up for a challenge to solve.


Founding Team



CEO - MSc. Artificial Intelligence

Anouk Visser

CTO - MSc. Artificial Intelligence

Kitso Epema

CSO - MSc. Aerospace Engineering

Careers is a rapidly growing AI company in the field of computer vision, and is looking to strengthen the team. We have a dynamic, open, and enthusiastic team passionate for making an impact with the technology we are building.



  • AI Research Intern

  • Business Development Intern

  • Communication and Marketing Intern

  • Web development Intern

Are you looking for a cool job opportunity? Please feel to drop an email, give us a call (+31 15 760 1611) or join us for lunch.