At we believe that drones are going to change the world. 

By providing us with a view (pronounce: bird's-eye view) they are part of the solution to many of today's problems.

Drones give inspectors a view of large assets that are hard to reach such as wind turbines or solar panels.
Drones provide farmers with a view of their fields. 
Drones provide rescue workers with a view of an area after a hurricane strikes or after an outbreak of wildfires.
Drones give rangers a view of their game reserve so they can better protect endangered  species from poachers.

By using Artificial Intelligence to extract information from images collected by drones, we are making sure that very soon drones will provide us with a view of the world.


Founding Team



Chief Executive Officer
MSc. Artificial Intelligence

Anouk Visser

Chief Technology Officer
MSc. Artificial Intelligence

Kitso Epema

Chief Product Officer
MSc. Aerospace Engineering

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